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Gift of Life!

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Her name is Robin Faith F. Medrano.  She is my youngest daughter who had cardiomyopathy and went to heaven May 9, 2006. I don’t want to write the word “died” because for me, it has a negative connotation.  I think I still cannot accept the fact of her being gone.

But before this happened, let me tell you a triumphant story of her life…….

When I was pregnant with her, she was already found to have an enlarged heart.  I was confused and bothered during my pregnancy because I promised myself to become a better responsible pregnant mom for my baby.  It’s not that I was not a responsible pregnant mom with my first daughter Maia Frances, but I was 22 yrs. old and didn’t know what to do.

This is Maia Frances F. Medrano

This is Maia Frances F. Medrano

My pregnancy with Maia was absolute spoiling – eating big mac, large coke, and large french fries.  Big mac meal (upgraded) was my favorite.  I seldom drank milk because in the first place, I wasn’t fond of drinking milk.  There were a lot of things that I realized that I should’ve done during my first pregnancy.

I had a normal delivery with Maia but I was oh so fat.  She was 6.9 lbs and everybody was so excited because she was the first grandchild.  It was the first time that really led me to feel that I was complete as a woman.

My second pregnancy with Robin, I ate healthy foods, drank milk, took my vitamins, and did the best that I can to make sure that she comes out in good and healthy condition.

In my 6th month of pregnancy with Robin, Dr. Sycelia Gue (my OB-GYNE) did an ultrasound and there, she discovered that my baby’s heart was enlarged.  She asked so many things about me taking pills, medications, and having measles during my first trimester.  None of these occurred and I never took any medications aside from paracetamol which was safe.

To make my story a little bit shorter (and I would post mine as another blog), during my pregnancy, I was diagnosed to have SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus).  This is the reason why Robin had an enlarged heart.  Her development in my tummy wasn’t well because in the first place, I wasn’t well.  My system has gone crazy!

We were adviced by Dr. Lumicao (Robin’s pedia-cardiologist) that after I deliver Robin, we should provide her with a pacemaker.  Well, so much for that, we couldn’t afford a pacemaker for her since I was to deliver in cesarean section and we are to prepare P60,000.00 for my delivery.  A pacemaker would cost P300,000 – P500,000 and we cannot afford that amount.

Dr. Lumicao advised us to try and apply for a pacemaker in the GIFT OF LIFE foundation.  Nine days after my delivery, Dennis (my hubby) went to Bohol.  This is an island in Visayas and he had to take a boat to go there.

In Bohol, Dennis met Ms Fancy Baluyot who was the National Red Cross Chairperson.  She was an elderly woman whom you could par with Imelda Marcos because she was so elegant.  Most of them would say she was strict, but I think she just wants to get things done properly.  Dennis submitted all the requirements and came back home.

Before her pacemaker implant, Robin wasn’t so sickly but she was already maintaining her captopril, aspirin and lasix.  I made sure that she would go to her checkups and making sure for myself that she really took her medications.  She was chubby and drank lots of milk – I mean lots.

I was so happy because I didn’t see her to be sickly but was a happy and healthy looking child.

The news came when Dennis got a call from the GIFT OF LIFE in his office.  He was astounded and felt like he won a lottery upon hearing that Robin was chosen among all thousands of applicants around the world to be given a pacemaker and will be implanted in New York – just the best city in whole universe.

I cannot explain my feelings upon getting the news.  I was happy and I was sad because only Dennis can accompany Robin.  They would be traveling halfway around the globe with Me and Maia left behind.  But I can make sacrifices for Robin.  Just as long that she will be well and okay.

Three months without my baby terribly crushed my heart.  All I was thinking then was it’s all for her.  That I need to forget myself missing her.  This will be for her own good.

District 7230 Gift of Life, Inc. sponsored Robin’s pacemaker – Kappa 700 DR.  She was implanted on February 26, 2004 at the Westchester Children’s Hospital, New York.

I sincerely would like to thank Ms Fancy Baluyot for helping us facilitate our documents, Mr. Dan Nalven who was the Rotary president at that time, our host couple who welcomed Dennis and Robin in their home for three months, Mr. and Mrs. Luis Del Rosario.  They have been so sweet to Robin and we will treasure the love that they have given her.

To all the members of the District 7230 Gift of Life, Inc., we will never forget your unending help to those who are in need.

Follow the link below and you will find our dear sweet Robin.  The date November 27, 2003 was maybe mistaken in their records or maybe this was the date of their approval of the documents.

You can also try to even browse through this link if you know children out there with heart problems who might also need the help of the Gift of Life.

MISSION STATEMENT of the Rotary Gift of Life, Inc.

The Mission of Gift of Life, Inc. is to further the cause of world peace and understanding by facilitating free medical services to children suffering from heart disease and other similar or allied diseases, regardless of race, creed or national origin, and who would otherwise lack access to such services.

Our district’s Gift of Life project is provided on a totally volunteer basis by cardiologists, surgeons, nurses and other dedicated members of the Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital of Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla, and  Montefiore Children’s Hospital Bronx, NY.

For further information on the Rotary Gift of Life Inc. and how you can be part of it, e-mail us at: or call/fax to: (941) 631-7764.